Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Quitting Brebner

No, not me. A new teacher who came in today to take over from Mrs Price survived just 2 hours and a bit before leaving in a huff. Don't blame her. I had to use my voicebox today to the maximum, with negligible effect.

I must ask San Marie what it;s like at Eunice, if the kids are as noisy and badly behaved. Can't imagine they are as Eunice has some of the best academic performance in the nation.

Anyway, got through the day having moved a bit through all the books. Am going to coach hockey (under 18) from Thursday. Have an English assignment to hand in Thursday to - should be a snip, and then a test on Monday or Tuesday.
Two day cycling race coming up next weekend as well which should be interesting.

Saw Katia briefly last night to discuss DVD cover, and am meeting Lee later today. Need to get a cycle in this afternoon, and will maybe go to gym after class for a quick run and swim.

Now for lunch.

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