Friday, May 26, 2006

Principal's Birthday

I got very little sleep. Drove to Justus after 10pm to give him a U2 CD, and then had a cozy coffee with a beautiful gray cat sitting on Mica's lap, the heater purring too...
Chatted about bird flu, parents, work, God etc.

Today is Mr Taylor's birthday. He made a sudden appearance at my class - the storm abated for about 2 seconds then went into full gale force noise once again. My ears are ringing. Am I going deaf?

Today the Blood Bank also sent staff to collect blood. About 30 kids volunteered. I got a few shots of that.

In my very last class they made such a racket that I said, they could only leave the class if they could all be quiet for 5 seconds. Couldn't do it. Started singing and mobbing the door. Then students started jumping out of the windows. Crazy!

I also spoke to a kid about AIDS. Says his father has died of AIDS, and that out of every 10 students, probably 4 have both their parents (alive), and 2 have lost both their parents. And he says its getting worse. Why, I asked. He says, people just carry on sleeping around. They can't stop. After the waiting-at-the-door scenario I am not suprised that absitnence (not doing/waiting) is not happening.

Susan smsd me that my average for EAL 312 is 86%. Not bad.

Got to go and eat stuff to celebrate the birthday party. Then cycling 20km with Berendine. Then the Reunion and hopefully sell a few DVD's.

Am loving driving the silver Yaris - more, probably, than I should... Have to give it up tomorrow after the race (120km) on the Dewetsdorp Road. Expect it to be tough as I haven't been able to train for the last few days.

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