Thursday, May 04, 2006


Got home after 10pm last night. Invigilation was from 5pm to 10pm. Feels like I am at school all the time, shouting the same stuff all day...

Am coaching hockey this afternoon, from 14:45 to 15:45. I have a parents meeting this evening but also varsity classes, so am going to try to get off for the latter.
Last night I had to do my EAL assignment. Supposed to do 10 pages but came up with 8. Corneli also called to tell me she got a job at an export/import company - importing bikes of all things, and based near where we used to live - the Gardens area of Cape Town. Lekker for her. Good salary too for an admin job.

Looking forward to the weekend. Am taking Fransa to Fauresmith and doing a 100km bike race early Saturday morning. Staying in a guesthouse with her, San Marie and some other people. Should be a nice break. If it's good we'll stay the extra day. Have a feeling I need to get stuff done on Sunday so will miss the race there on Sunday morning. Though you never know.

Quite a few uni tests coming up next week. And more responsibilities at school, filing etc. Need to keep my head above water.

Yesterday took forever. Arrived at school at 7:30am and came home after 10pm. Is this another endurance contest?

Need to email Mr Kunstler on whether or not to buy a car. See a Dhaihatsu has monthly payments of less than R1000 per month. Also notebooks for sale at Incredible Connection for under R5000. Money is obviously the biggest incentive to work, otherwise most of us wouldn't. Sounds obvious, but it isn't really. Because work = depression in many cases.

I wonder if I can email my assignment...

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