Friday, May 12, 2006


I have actually tried to post pictures of text and pictures on a number of occasions. Last night the computer lab for no obvious reason just refused to log me in, which meant the 30 odd minutes invested (instead of studying for a test) ended up being a waste of time.

Same in terms of time spent here during breaks. The computer is too slow and image files too big (one image for the DVD cover I tried to load is 11mb) but even 1mb appears too much for the computer too handle.

This week I managed to train only once, and that meant arriving home in pitch darkness close to 7pm.
Also not managed to go to a printer place once, or find out prices or availability for Epson (bought in Korea) 830 printer cartridges.

In terms of discipline, the kids simply fill in the name of the wrong student on detention forms, and when I corroborate with other students they cover for their buddies (even the good students do). Hence, in class lawlessness.

Feel like I am going nowhere very very slowly.

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