Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Let me tell you a secret. When you ride a bike, if you want to go faster, feel less tired and use less energy without doing a thing with your legs - just do this. Crouch a little lower with your upper body. Even 1 inch makes a big difference. The wind wears you down, and the less wear, the less tear.

All of the above may seem very simple and obvious. But it applies to teaching and other things too. It basically implies not being pedantic, or perfectionistic about everything. Or let every thing worry you, and focus on every imperfection, and feel the stress load and burden you. No, rather find a way to swim through the minimum of detritus. To flow through life with the minimum of drag.

Yesterday I followed a student into class...well...I am not going to waste my finger energy narrating the whole story. Suffice it to say, rather concentrate on primary objectives. Teach, read the lesson, and all other (mis) behaviours are secondary, requiring incidental focus.

My under 18 girls also lost 5-1 to Oranje yesterday. Interesting being at Oranje again. There's a school that I haven't been to much. A Prefect's Ball, and a friend who worked in the hostel, but not much besides. Lovely hostel buildings. Makes Brebner look slack and shabby by comparison. Scholars all seem neat and well brought up Afrikaans children. The gardens are manicured and neat. But looks don't matter that much (except that they do) in a match. What I mean is they are not all important. But with some team members in hockey pants, and opposition looks more organised. After a very tight first half ending in two quick goals from Oranje, Brebner finally struck back after a thrd Oranje goal, and then crumbled to 5-1. Why, lack of fitness and letting each goal bother them enough to concede yet another one.

I am going to see the Minister of Finance tomorrow, Trevor Manuel, with 5 of my best and brightest kids. I have drawn up a list of questiopns for them (in case they run out). I'll be there from 9am to 1pm. Should be interesting and a welcome break from the rigmarole of another day of classes.

Am feeling like there is just not enough time, not nearly, in the day to do all the things I need to do.

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