Friday, April 28, 2006

Still Green

It's very chilly in the mornings now, but our lawn is still green. Come to think of it, I think it;s one of those lawns that stay green all year. One of the few in the street. Some trees are skeletal, not a single leaf, others are partly cloudy and yellow, still others are fully fledged in green garb. What's going on?

Who would have thought global warming would have such an impact on our roads. Potholes everywhere. Might not be global warming but fat cats slumbering around here. Or both.

Cycled 50km yesterday on a beautifully calm sunny April day. About 8 of us.

Just swum 2km now with Vic and Ben.

Best 3:29
+ kicking and sprints

Weight: 81.5kg
Good to see it has come down a bit.

Met a Korean girl in the mall just before I left Noordstad. Interesting chat.

Going to shop now for some decent shoes and long pants (I never have any long pants except tracksuit pants). First going to eat at Red Pepper. At 6pm going to do a short run with Ben and Katia, and then we're gonna watch a movie at 8pm.

Tomorrow at 10am going to cycle 100km.

Will have the DVD finished by tonight. Just need to save it to a WMP format. Not to feast...

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