Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yellow Leaf

Strange day today. Like a lot of pieces of a puzzle that didn't fit together because they were different puzzles mixed together.

But I did get 2 stories published on reporter.co.za (H5N1 and GOING BIG), and I called for a job interview in Welkom.

On the downside, I spoke with the deputer editor of Acta Academica and she shot me down, and when I got up she shot me down again. My lecturer soothed my ruffled feathers somewhat...
By the time I got to gym I felt really drained, and it took an enormous effort to do 10 pullups, and I felt the life was being sucked out of me when I did my usually lengths underwater (as part of the swim workout).

Swim: 27:30
Distance: 1.25km
Best 100m: 1:15

Gym: 22:30
Pullups: 10
Torso and legs, with some abdominal emphasis.

Weight: 85.25kg

After gym I grabbed a bigger and then had tea with Jenny. Caught the end of 6 Feet Under. Finally managed to upload the images Juliette (from reporter.co.za) asked for - had been trying the whole day to do it.
I also heard that students get charged for their use of the computer. Adds to the pressure I am feeling.

Will attempt to get out of bed at 5:30am tomorrow and cycle with the guys. Psst. Can I tell you a secret...I really hope it rains.
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