Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Thin Thread

 Posted by PicasaIn the 100km cycle race, there are a couple of occasions where you are hanging on by a very thin thread. I mean, your heart rate is 174 or even higher, and the guy in front of you is slipping away, and your legs are getting totalled, and you;re just about at maximum. You're about to blow, and you're on an uphill. I think cycling, aspects of it, imitate life. If you can survive a crisis, if you can survive those occasional very tough stretches, then you're able to move elegantly and sweetly through the countryside, with strong people around you and the wind bouncing off your back. If you're not vigilant, and if you're weak and lazy, the wind gets in there and wears you down. Once it starts, it tends to get worse and worse, and you find yourself getting smaller and smaller on an expanding landscape. And you find yourself alone. That's a journey that teaches vigilance. I did that journey last week, on the bike. But I'm stronger now.

I have some ideas. My father and I were talking about starting a modelling agency. What about calling it Alchohol. Because beautiful woman have the same intoxicating effect, the same power of addiction.

Had sore legs yesterday and felt utterly spent, but rose in the evening to go to dinner at Ruth. Delicious roast Lamb. Have been feeling lighter since eating smaller portions of meat and lots more fruit. Lighter and stronger.

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