Monday, February 20, 2006


I always feel better after a swim, but today, I felt a little worse, after weighing myself, and then better.
I'm kind've shocked that after the exertions over the past week my weight is not inching towards the 80km barrier. Instead, my flab continues to float me up to 85kg.
Time to run I'd say, because cycling ain't shaking it loose.

Swim: 0:47
Distance: 2km
Best 250m: 3:34
Best 100m: 1:13
Weight: 85.5kg

Upstairs, doing some light torso work, I saw Bazil. Should have grabbed the chance when he asked for a swim coach because he has since signed up with another swim coach, Lydia, or someone in the morning. Will show more urgency and be more assertive the next time around. Sometimes when you expect something, you expect it to be right in front of you. Sometimes an opportunity sneaks up on the side, and then you let it go.

Watched NORTH COUNTRY with Susan. Very good movie, although I found it quite harrowing, which must mean Charlize put in a good performance - worthy of a nomination at least.
Someone told me it was predictable and someone else told me it was excellent. I suddenly, just before watching the movie, didn't feel like a movie about woman's rights. But there were plenty of details in the movie that are worth considering, and it was sufficient inspiration for me to consider writing a play. I even came up with a name for it while we were having coffee:
The Class Action and the Cantaloupe
Seems Cantaloup has no e if you're in America (see below).

A movie I am eagerly anticipating is called Syriana, with George Clooney. Usually I'd avoid a movie with a bafooney like him in it, except he seems to be taking this serious subject to heart - enough to make himself overweight and less charming and basically unrecognisable - he's slightly portly and covered in abeard. Took a while to realise it was him which is a good thing.

My mission is to spread the awareness of the approaching energy crisis. For all those who think I am silly, well we shall see. There is likely to be a lot of anger when the world changes, and the more people who are forewarned, the more likley the process is to be peaceful or at least fairly passive.
If you're expecting your girlfriend to fight with you you might be less antagonistic, and less reactionary. People today are both, and thus spreading the word on this topic might save lives, might save us from some unnecessary harm. Or it might not.

I wonder what Mr Kunstler will say about the movie. I must remember to ask him.

Meanwhile YOU, my dear readers, must ask me from time to time, how The Class Action and the Cantaloupe is doing. I also need to post a chapter a week of Half Full Moon. And must get more children's stories into the writing factory (of my mind).

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experiencelife said...

would love to see where you would go for a children's story? I'll await this one anxiously.