Thursday, February 16, 2006


You did that on purpose! Ever heard that before. What about when you do things without a purpose, does that make any sense?

Without purpose, we would not exist."
—Agent Smith, to Neo.

With that in mind, I came up with a few thoughts today on some things I will do, on purpose.

- hold a photography exhibition called Into The Light before the end of April
- begin work on Our Thirsty Land (the impact of the global energy crisis on South Africa)
- cycle the sendingfietstoer (a 1000km jaunt to God's Window undertaken in a week)in March
- participate in SA Cycling Champs in June
- 1:3, submit one freelance article every third day (that's 2 per week)
- weigh 80kg by the end of February, 78kg by the end of March, 76kg by the end of April
- take part in the Two Oceans Marathon
- be friendly and polite to people, especially those who seem not to deserve it, they probably need it the most
- develop being an artist

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