Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Plans For the Future

I wish I took this picture. It represents very clearly my mindset. Cloudy, overcast, maybe somewhat pessimistic. But the sky is pregnant with expectation: something has got to happen.

Currently I have a CV in process for a job as medical writer, only 25 hours a week but for good pay.
I'm also applying for some freelance work at the university, for BULT. I've offered to write something on the Cycling Tour, 1000km, over 7 days, to God's Window. That would be a thrill.

My plans are basically a combination of wanting to become balanced and healthy, and financially sound. It's one thing to get a job, it;s another getting word that you'd want to do for any length of months.
So far I seem to have an okay mixture, I just need the dollars to roll in a little quicker. Patience is a virtue, but one, I fear, I am running out of.

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