Friday, February 17, 2006

New Look

Know who Jimmy Olson is? Superman's pal, a reporter who Superman gave a lot of his stories to.
Jimmy Olson is a name that has always stuck with me, just because it really fired up my imagination. When you're in the right place, at the right time, especially with the right contact (and who better than Superman), then the world is not only your oyster, but the whole world turns to you for news. And not just any news, news about Superman. News about the most important things happening on the planet.

There were two developments today that were fairly significant:

1) I received an email from saying they've published something and wanted my bank details
2) I spoke to my lecturer and she suggested I submit articles - maybe with an academic slant, a critique or something, to ACTA ACADEMICA.

Using these stimuli I got to work converting this blog into more of a commerical enterprise. I've tried to maintain the original style as far as possible without contaminating the content. Do I make money when you click on the google syndicated ads or use the imbedded search engine? Yes, I do. So get clicking. I get a cheque sent to me in Rand or Dollars (I've asked for Rands) once I hit $100. I'll tell you when that happens. In fact, I'll put a picture of the cheque on this blog.

Meanwhile, I did not train today, but played a lot of NEED FOR SPEED. I actually completed the whole platform and am quite bored with it.
Tomorrow I have no classes and will run a few errands, and maybe watch North Country.
I also have faxes to send and some class notes and books to pick up. My father leaves on Sunday to rendezvous with my sister at Cradock. They're going up to 'The Bend' together to see whether she's suitable for a job there as a horse trainer.

Now it is 0:21 and I'm tired.
I need to take my camera out again as I feel pretty reluctant now to use images that aren't my own. I need a lot of 'Road' images too. Will get to work on that.

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