Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm Confused

I'm reading a Michael Crichton book called State of Fear. He says that the atmosphere can be compared to a football field. 70% of it is nitrogen, 20% is oxygen, and 1 inch (less than 1%), beside the goal line is carbon dioxide. That's not much. The book basically supports the American position that climate change is a fallacy, that Kyoto is a joke (lowering global temperatures by 0.4 degrees Celcius by 2100 with America's participation).

Nevertheless, if you look at the storm patterns in the Gulf Of Mexico, I think any idiot will say that the warmer oceans are going to give rise to more powerful storms. Thus, if the 2006 season outperforms some of the stars from last year, like Ms Katrina, then maybe we will start looking under our armpits and behind our backs.
People seem to have an excuse for whatever they do. The truth, or the facts, are easily overlooked or mislaid. When we have good intentions, we ought to be thorough.
My point is that it may be that all the pollution is having very little effect. I'm inclined to think that 6 billion greedy people, all wanting cargo pants, cellphones and a gas guzzler, is going to have some sort of effect.

I woke up after a night during which my brain didn't properly shutdown, so I had a lot of gauzy thoughts. My nose itched, and the hayfever was enough to feel like flu.
By 16:30 I felt a bit better, and headed out onto the road.

Cycle: 2:36

Distance: 72km
Maximum heart rate: 158

It felt good to be out on the road on my own. Cleared my thoughts. I realise how much I need to train to begin to dislodge pieces of the tyre around my belly.

After cycling my father wanted to know how to get to 'The Bend'. Offered some instructions on the condition of the road - my sister is going there next week to interview for a job schooling horses.

I'm not at the offices of Heartland. I've done some more editing and polishing. I feel very good about a story I've done called A FINGER IS POINTING AT THE MOON. It's about the plight of the endangered people in the world, particularly the Bushmen. I'm just happy that I'm able to do some good. So much of our time seems to be wasted running after our own tails. I'm glad I am sending this important message out into the world. It gives me a feeling that I am just starting to take into my purpose.

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Daniel said...

People(we) seem to have an excuse for whatever they(we) do=we always try to sell ourselves, every time we open our pie-holes. There you go, writing a story about the Bushmen, their plight. I think it's awesome, and would love to get involved in similar projects. Somehow, when helping those in need, no excuse is needed. The reward is just that. would like to read it when you're done, How's the hernia?