Friday, February 17, 2006

Hernia Revisited

It's possible that what I thought to be a dollop of intestine emerging snakelike, and a little bulblous out of my chest - like Ripley's Alien - it's possible that it was a knot of muscle that went into spasm.

But the scare was good because it has made the goal of losing weight and gaining fitness a nececcity, not what may seem like a luxurious waste of time.

An easy way to lose weight is simply to control what goes in:
- don't eat chocolates
- don't eat french fries or chips
- stay away from colas, fruit juice and coffee (or cut out the sugar)
- stay away from bread
- cut the fat off meat
- don't eat late at night

- eat anything wholewheat
- drink plenty of water
- eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
- eat lean meats, the whiter the better
- eat many small portions rather than three square meals
- have a good breakfast, especially a cereal high in roughage

I need to go to gym soon to see where my weight is. Not tonight though as I have an English class ending at 9pm.

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