Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Google This

Did you know that Google is the world's biggest media company, by value. It's a $100 billion company. Its mantra is 'don't be evil' and its mission is 'to make all information accessible to everyone all the time'.When I read this I got a little jolt.

Rocketboy, my pet project, on constant hiatus it seems, has a similar mission: to bring everything to everyone, everywhere, for free. Put in a different way, to overhaul the way we consume, to maker consumption more efficient. To make buying a hamburger simpler and easier.

I called Preller today and found out that a vacant space near the offices of Heartland retails for R6 100.
I'm considering putting an ad in the paper and drawing a crowd of eager, and desperate graduates. With enough talent, you can establish a deep pool of human resources, human capital, organise it and manage it, and make somnething out of it. This country needs job makers, not job takers.
But do I have the courage to setup a launching pad?

I feel I need a good team, and a support system. Everything else is in place...like a bunch of lego blocks. All slot into each other, but if you slot them in without a good plan, you may end up making a mess, or a monster.

Interestingly, three company's are being used a lot these days. By me anyway. Google (they power blogger, Picasa, gmail, Firefox (browser) and their search engine), Yahoo (for mail) and of course, Microsoft (using their browser (Internet Explorer) and having your system boot up using their operating systems (Windows XP etc). To an extent these three help each other - once I get my mail off Yahoo(using IE), I know what info I need to get using Google. But they also compete with one another, because Google want us to use their browser (and Firefox is better), Microsoft want to kill Google, and offer their own blogging and photoediting software. How it works is the best and most popular wins, but not only that, the software that reaches the consumer first and is the most user friendly tends to be the most popular and becomes adopted. This is what makes Google so good. In the age of Information, Speed is God. Efficiency is expected.
So too, in the age of consumption, Speed (and efficiency) is God.

Imagine generating Rocketboy alongside Alchohol, and for a while you could have the models making deliveries?
Need to play with my Lego some more.

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