Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bleached shorts, sewage and a fax from Korea

The good news: of the 10 stories submitted to, 6 have been published, and 4 are approved and about to be published. In terms of multimedia, images: 11 submitted, 1 rejected, 3 still in the editors queue, the rest published or approved.
That's quite a good success rate. I'll try to maintain a regimen of 3 submissions, 3 times a week, of both images and stories (that's a total of 18 contributions).
The return on investment is fairly small at this point, a few hundred Rand, if that, but the importance is that it is seen by a larger audience, and can be picked up by the likes of Yahoo, and other major companies. If that happens then the bucks will start rolling in.

This morning raw sewage started gushing into our garden because of a combination of storm debris and accumulated sewage. With the stormwater drainage blocked, dark grey stinky water started overflowing into our garden, spilling within metres - a metre - of my bedroom window.

I called the Municipality and after a decidedly lazy start, they got their butts out here. Now dark water is slowly sinking into the turf. Apparently Nettleton Road had a similar problem earlier in the morning.

The pool is also choked full of leaves, so I became The Pool Man, and managed - whilst sitting to unclog leaves from an outlet pipe - to turn my navy blue Nike shorts into an artwork called Snowstorm. See, I sat on some Chlorines that sprinkled onto the side of the pool, instead of in it. Might have to buy some blue dye or something.

The fax from Korea is asking for a CN24 form so that I can claim for damage to computer parts sent over.

And that's a wrap.

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