Wednesday, February 15, 2006

10 Minutes

Yesterday at the computer lab I wasn't permitted access to this blog, so I thought they had some kind of NO ENTRY thing going on. Well, here I am online.

Happy Valentines Day to all the lonely hearts out there. Personally I find it a bit of a bore. I think it's a useful day when you need an excuse to tell someone how you feel, or you're shy, or needy. I think it does more harm than good - everyone focusses far too much on themselves, and asks, "Am I loved (enough)?" and the answer is invariably...unsatisfying.
There are better things to do on Valentines Day...for me anyway. One of them is exercise. Here's why.

I went to a doctor who specialises in abdominal cases. He told me a gastroscopy would cost - basically too much - so I offered him this deal:

I'm pretty overweight (still over 80kg) and that seems to be adding to the tension of my abdominals so how about I:

- lose weight (exercise more)
- modify my diet even more (even less meat)
- call him after a month to see what's happening.

He went for it, but offered me a condition: some medication - basically to reduce stomach acid - to take along with Gaviscon. Let's see how that works.

Since I was unable to have breakfast today (anticipating x-rays or worse) I passed on cycling at 5:15am.
Yesterday though I did the following:

Cycling: 1:07 (arms got fairly burnt)
Distance: 26km of hills
The actual workout was triangulating between the highest point in the city, namely Heuwilsig, Basil real and Naval Hill. I also cycled carrying a fairly heavy bag.

Swim: 0:53
Distance: 2km
Swam with the boys and managed a 100m in 1:20. I think I could do that when I was 10 years old.

Also got some feedback on go POLO. I'm not sure how I can get info over the phone. It's quite expensive for me to call. Not sure whether that sort of thing is available on the net.

Now I have an English class, and then hopefully fit in a run, dinner and some champagne, but probably in the opposite order.

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