Thursday, January 26, 2006


 Posted by PicasaAt 04:45 my alarm didn't go off, or if it did, I killed it unconsciously. Hannes sms'ed me that he was feeling ill, so I know he didn't turn up. (It turns out Mica turned up, on her own - shame!)

I slept quite late - I still seem to be making up for a week's lack of sleep. Felt quite grouchy when I woke up, in part because I'd missed the cycle.

Then I fetched the other box from the post office, and was able to put the shoe that was in it, with my other running shoe. Also got some of my art rolled up in a cardboard poster roll, and then lots of winter clothes. I'll probably give away some of my clothes as my cupboard is about to burst, and the washing machine has ordered a protest for a record amount of 'never-seen-before' articles of clothing.

Also had some copies of keys made.

CJ came over for lunch and he finally opened his Christmas present - also a cool camera. He looked thrilled. Allie was also over, think his car had a breakdown, and Ruth came over as lunch was starting to turn to digestive juice.
She invited 'only the van der Leek men' to a roast on Saturday. Nice.

Meant to cycle, swim and run at various points of the day. Ended up looking at vivid slides of the Krakorum Himlayas. Invited Justus over to use a few. He took exactly 10.
I turned down a run (in favor of pizza) and then checked my calendar - I have already trained 4 hours this week, and my goal is 10. Since I'll do at least 3 on Saturday (100km race) I think I can fairly comfortably fill up the other two days with 1 and half hours each. Tomorrow I'm intending to cycle 60km and that's already 2 hours plus.
Still, am impatient to get into much better shape, but also realise that swimming 4km or 6km means I have to repeat it so much sooner too. Rather build up gradually.

Got an email from Caroline Lacy (from and seems like we can use some stunning Everest pics.
Justus has also arranged for some really good accomodation (free too) on my upcoming Drakensberg trip. I leave Sunday. I'm quite excited.

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