Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coming Around The Mountain

R345 is what it cost to fill up the Isuzu. I'm leaving tomorrow just after noon. It feels like a bit of an adventure, although I feel like I need a navigator, just to remember all the places I need to drop off magazines, and snap photos and so on.

On the other hand it may just be a case of finding the places of interest anyway - I mean, the most interesting places ought to capture one's attention anyway.

I'm feeling really tired today as a result of:
Run: 1:06
Distance: 10km
This was done in the heat of the day.

Swim: 0:59
Distance: 2.5km
Best 50m: 0:33
Best 250m: 3:24

Weight: 84.55kg

Good to see the weight coming down. Am also feeling very comfortable in the water. Slight tinge in my left leg.
Was good to swim with some very good swimmers in the pool today - a young guy and girl, both berry brown and just rippling muscle - the girl too. Felt even better when they got out before I did (although I'm sure they swam earlier in the day too).
It's funny, over here you can wait for a lane to open (ie one person in a lane means you wait until it is empty). In Korea, it's not uncommon to swim with 10 or more people in your lane.

I've arranged to cycle at 5:15am tomorrow. I'll need to sleep very peacefully for that to happen. I'd also like to get in a swim and a gym session so I go to the mountains feeling sore and needing the two days rest that are coming - well, active rest.

It's going to be good to see this Big Country again, from a Big Vehicle.

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