Monday, December 19, 2005

4 Ways

Johannesburg: 16:13

I am visiting friends in Johannesburg, hence have been offline for a few days.

Crosscountry run: 42:30
Left leg's upper gluteous is hurting. Will need to treat it with massage and acupuncture.
Stunning run. Just ran around and got lost, then did Blair Witch runing (run through a forest you've never been in before), and trespassing (quite a few times we scaled fences, over or under, and even swam in a pool on someone's estate).

Paid R55 to train at the 4 Ways Virgin Active (would have been more if I came 'unaccompanied').
Louise, Allan's girlfriend left early, but said she'd come and pick me up when I finished.
So I decided to get my moneys worth.

Swim: 2.5km (with Ryk looking over the pool on a Tag Heuer wall poster)
Time: 1:02
Best 100m: 1:18
Weight: 86.4kg (primal scream!)

Gym: 30 minutes, including pilates, core and strengthening.

Have plenty of new photos but not many terminals to post from. Will do a decent update on Thursday again.

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