Friday, December 23, 2005

30 emails and no connection

Returned to Bloemfontein today, after driving back from Johannesburg. Went to Lechwe Lodge just to look around and to show my father what can be done with a 'stuk grond'. He spoke to the owner, who is now about to build 260 rooms onto the present set.

Johannesburg was good. I only packed two sets of pants, which was dumb but I'm not the worst for wear...

My computer arrived in a battered cardboard box. It has actually been here since December 10, but apparently, in order to deliver the slip of paper less than 1km from the post office here in subuarbia, the slip got rerouted to the central post office and so on and ad infinitum.

A guy will start building it tomorrow. Will try to convince the occupants of 108 Klerck Avenue that Broadband has arrived on planet Earth, and like the wheel, is worth looking into...

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