Friday, December 30, 2005


Yesterday I went out again. Initially it was agonising to sit down but soon settled down. Lovely ride to Glen, over the river and back, and then did the Kimberely circuit.
Once again it was a nice group, including a girl (Wilbur's sister) who matriculated this year with a distinction in English.

Cycle: 3:43
Distance: 102km

That's 310km in 3 days, or roughly 100km per day average. Legs sore but feeling strong.
The picture above is the halfway portion of the Kimberley circuit. When we got here the windy started to beat against us.
Now for a few days recovering and gearing up for the new year; selecting races and setting a plan.
Whatever happens in 2006, it's going to be interesting and exciting. Posted by Picasa

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