Monday, November 28, 2005

This was my first braai in 6 months. Justus cooked the boerewors (boerewors is to South Africans what Kimchi is to South Koreans) to perfection. It was juicy and delicious. Boerewors means 'farmer's sausage'. Sosati is the Afrikaans (and English South Africans use the word too) for kebab. Personally I think boerewors, sosati and braai and far better words to capture the taste and atmosphere than conventional English. The braai was also spur of the moment. Fransa and I arrived at 15 Torbert to drop off the GT, and by then Christo had arrived (he has a yacht in Cape Town), and then 4 more people arrived... It was a very pleasant sociable evening and it's been a good, colorful weekend. Posted by Picasa

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