Monday, November 28, 2005

Ready To Move on

Is it sleep deprivation or reverse culture shock? I have to admit, I feel a bit lost walking into a Spar or a Pick 'n Pay. When I went to Carrefour in Korea, I knew exactly what to buy. Now I am buying beetroot, avocados, boerewors, pears, Sunday newspapers...and I get food cooked for me anyway. I still feel, well...lost.

One thing that I have quickly learned to appreciate is my cellphone. If you have a girlfriend, let me assure you, it's essential. You can sms: 'I am leaving now...' or make a call from the car to let someone know they need to come out and meet you.
And before you go to sleep your girlfriend writes:
'Vreeslik dankie vir die lekker stuk kaaskoek en...en jou kuier by my. Vandag was perfek'.

Literal translation: 'Terrible thank you for the very good cheesecake and...(censored)...and your visiting me. Today was perfect.'

It just adds that little bit of quality to an already meaningful and moving day.
I know when I went to Korea I said to myself, "The first thing I'm going to get is a phone." For some reason, I never really connected. I only got my alien card within a few days of leaving. Seriously.
I do feel my semi-voluntary isolation helped me to find a very clear direction and focus, and I don't think working (teaching English in hagwon's) in Korea is a good thing beyond a certain period of time. 1 year is good. 2 years is healthy. 4 years is vrot.

As you'll notice below, transport is uppermost in my mind. In the coming weeks I need to find a domicile, a mode of transport, and a job. All fairly important choices.
It's fair to say that I am not feeling calm and serene. I feel a bit ruffled by the things I must do.
I must also say that I feel more confident in my ideas than I think I have ever felt, and far more willing to risk defeat or failure.

I am focussed now on getting a budget ready so that I can send off my Rocketboy proposal to Mark Shuttleworth.
I am reading an excellent book called Blue Ocean Strategy. I am really excited that many of my thoughts are backed up by some of the latest research and information. I really believe, done in a controlled and professional way, Rocketboy can become as fresh and powerful as Google, as an everyday utility.

I still have a slight cough and sore throat, but it's nowhere near a level that can keep me at home or from going out. With this excuse in mind, I'm going to sign up for a year at Virgin Active (that should give all you doubters who think I'll be back in the East or somewhere far from here)...and try to start gyming and exercising regularly. I see so many sexy bodies around me that I can't wait to shake off my flab. It was fun, and I'll be honest with you, somewhat titillating to have breasts. I have played with them a little in the mirror, and explored the possibilities of cleavage with a hairy chest. I'm ready to move on.

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