Monday, November 28, 2005

If you read further you'll come across quite a few pictures of...gasp...a car. In truth, I love driving, I love drinking Coke, and I like hamburgers and beer. A lot. Driving in the Alpha GT, it's hard to imagine, having the control over such a powerful and efficient beast, that you'll ever have to give it up. I guess it's like opening a Christmas present, and it's an incredible talking robot, or a camera, but there are no batteries to run it. I have been moving around either in the Jeep or in Fransa's car. Soon I will probably have to get my own mode of transport (one level up from my Cannondale). This scooter is selling for R8 500. I'm thinking about it. I'd rather buy a car but you've got to put your money where your mouth is...and your mouth...well, do you say and do you do what you believe is true, or what you wish were true? Posted by Picasa

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Daniel said...

Lekker, get the scooter, or even an old Vespa. don't know if the girlfriend will enjoy the helmet thing? trying to get my dad to do the same. love my scooter here in the east, for many reasons. That's actually a good price, R8,500.