Saturday, November 26, 2005

Daan and the boys giving a 5 minute tutorial. You've got a lot of power between yours legs, and if you're not careful, you can start off in a wheelie...I went off the road at the first steep curve at the bottom of the hill. It feels like it's going to tip over because the upperbody doesn't move or shift when you turn, but of course you do...the wrong way. It's a lot like a Waveski, and once I applied the Waveski Logic of 'Just Turn Because You Won't Fall Off' I didn't repeat the mistake again. We went down a tonsil swallowing ravine...I hestiate to hazard a guess at how steep it was. Put it this way, it was steep to walk down. And if you made a mistake, you could easily roll down the hill to the bottom. Also crossed some shallow streams. It's illegal to ride these things on the beach because they ruin the sensitive dune vegetations. I agree with that. I asked my father today if we could start a Quad Track on our farm. He said no, because they are a pretty invasive kind of entertainment. Invasive in terms of noise and just wrecking the stuff they ride over. They are a lot of fun and are damn fuel efficient. 150km per litre if I understood Daan correctly?  Posted by Picasa

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