Saturday, October 29, 2005

4/15 Nuns On The Run

It's bright and chilly today, but with two layers on I overheated again. It's 16C outside now, but came home with the cotton shirt sopping wet. Good fat burning run though.

Run: 1:40
Distance: 14km (3 laps)
Kcal: 1600
Heart Rate: 141

On the 3rd lap I pulled off to do some pullups. Found two nuns working out.

Pullups: 10

Then I turned right, and as I was heading up the last incline I heard a 'toc toc toc' noise (my iPod's power had run out a few minutes earlier). I looked up and saw a big wooden box lashed against a tall pinetree, and a woodpecker,about the size of my shoe, with bright red and black feathers, was headbanging against the tree.

Very hungry now. Will try to get to Sey's wedding, and after that there are some parties in Seoul. Am not feeling particularly sociable...
Will try to get up early for a long cycle tomorrow.
Meanwhile, today this blog is exactly a year old. 20 700 in a year is more attention than I would have anticipated.

This blog has achieved it's initial purpose - it was to make me accountable for my Ironman training, and turn my third attempt at the Ironman into a successful one. It was. That goal has been superceded by a much broader, and far more challenging, and compelling goal. To define a rational way of living, and an approach to how we live.
Not just for me personally, but for a planet full of people headed towards destruction.

Exercise is a great way to wipe away the mind rot that our man-made living and working environment generates.
Vast amounts of exercise are needed to pump out the grease that accumulates through our diet. An Ironman may be an extreme method of gaining control of body, mind and spirit, but we live in an extremely irrational system.

Stay tuned for the 5 month run up to the 2006 South African Ironman.

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