Monday, October 31, 2005

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That's the page I'm on in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Rowling's a good writer, and she's good enough for adults too.

Samples from some emails today:

My Dad had a mild hart attack on Tuesday and the doctor was in and out the whole week. They had to take blood and put the heart monitor on etc. He is better now and could bath himself this morning...Your Dad came to see my Dad but I have not seen him lately. I just left a message for him that my Dad was ill and wanted to see him. Every time something happens and he thinks he is dying then he wants to see my brother, your Dad and another friend of ours. One never knows how serious it is and then I have to call on them, because if I don't and he does die, I may not be forgiven.

I was in Nelspruit this weekend to see the friend who was shot - was pretty emotional and a hell of a long drive just to pay somebody a hospital visit so am pretty pooped. The Lowveld was worth seeing though - the fever and jakaranda trees are too beautiful for words.
[My friend] looks alright for somebody shot 8 times. He thinks he recognized his attackers and suspects that they are guys he sacked a while ago. He put up a hell of a struggle and managed to get them out of his house after about the first 4 shots, after which they shot open the door and came back in to finish the job. When he was shot in the sternum he kinda just gave up, fell down on a bench or something and prepared himself to die, saying a prayer in doing so. After a few minutes he realised that it wasn't happening, got into his car, drove through the gate and went to look for help.

Someone told me my blog is getting really morbid. Let's have a look. Hmmm. I'll cut down on the posts until I am less morbid, how's that?

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