Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Week 50 Day 2

I went to the coffee shop in the building, and it's a nice piece of relaxation close to home, with a bit of atmosphere, and a change of scene. I bought two sandwich croissants and a frap, a bit steep at W8000, but will wander in there with a book when the walls of my apartment are moving in.

Today was another beautiful day, and some of the students are still giving me gray hair. Fortunately it is an exceptional few.

I've started reading Eiger Dreams, Jon krakauer, having finished Kunstler's The Long Emergency.
A friend of mine sent me an email asking me if she could borrow Kunstler's book. Will do.

After work I went to Carrefour. While I was having dinner, 3 Koreans sat beside us and asked about the 'star' - Corneli, who is still being recognised for her television stint.

I bought a toaster, mushrooms, olive oil and stuff and then caught a cab home. Mira called saying a South African called Mark has started working at Kang's, and they are having dinner now and do we want to come and meet him. Corneli's left but I am about to go to Never Never Land.

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