Monday, May 30, 2005

Week 49, Day 1

A lot of sneezing today, sniffing, coughing and chills. Feel a bit crappy, but would like to go for a cycle tomorrow. Call it impatience, maybe it is a bit rash, but if I am getting sick, might as well get into the thick of it, and get it over with.

It was sticky in class again. Gawd, June and July...I think I'm gonna melt, or turn into an ooze. Some classes have aircon, but not all, and not the staff room.

I'm feeling more settled in. I mean, I arrived back from work at 8pm, bought some icecream and small batteries for my TV's remote control, and then hung up my washing.

Someone in South Africa mentioned to me that my blog is becoming boring. Is it? I'd like to maintain the focus on oil and health issues (particularly related to flu). I agree though that focussing only on this isn't healthy, so I'd like to offset this gloomy reporting with some more uplifting stuff.

Right now I'm thinking of focussing a bit on Jean d-Arc. I read exhaustively on this subject when I studied advertising in Cape Town in 2000. Fascinating. It gave me a new respect for the Roman Catholic Church, and I was really inspired to see how faith can move mountains, in Jeanne's case, whole armies, an entire country. There are so few people like this these days, who truly live out their faith, for their community instead of themselves. Mandela is a living example. Maybe Oprah Winfrey is too, but I'd say one of the qualities of saintliness, is selflessness. Oprah's selfless, but she's also one of America's richest women. You can't blame rich people for becoming comfortable and accustomed to their wealth, but I think we respect people more who aren't changed by it. Ted Turner represents that, or seems to, to some extent.

While unpacking I found a sketch that Glen did (an ex- student). I marvelled at how beautiful the watercolors are. I originally asked her to do some demo illustrations for a short story I wrote called, 'My Friend Frank'. I can't believe, after seeing these beautiful pictures, I didn't get her to finish the job (and obviously reward her for her effort.

I'll have to ask the teachers at Kang's if she is still there, and see if I can get this children's story done with her help.

Tomorrow...cycling at 5am...

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