Friday, May 27, 2005

Run Run Run

Ran 34 minutes. Boy, it's sweltering outside. I ran without underwear (do you really need to know!) and it was just a greasy sluggish experience. June will be even stickier. Will have to run before the sun gets up if I can manage it. My heart rate monitor is all over the place. I think the power supplies to construction sites interfere with the signal.

Will go swimming now and hopefully not be too hung over for a cycle tomorrow.

Incicidentally, think life is tough??? I spoke to a 16 year old girl yesterday, in my last class. She told me she goes to school at 8am, after school she goes to piano and other schools, I teach her at 7:30 until 8am, and then she catches a bus to a grammar school for 2 more hours of school, and then finally gets home at around 11pm.

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