Monday, May 30, 2005

M&M & Typhoons

Went swimming with Lonnie at M&M today. Was interesting, and different, but didn't really work for swimming training. The pool is only 20m (instead of 25m at OSC and Sung Ho), and has only 3 lanes. This would still be OK, except I could only use one lane, and only for 40 minutes before they took all the lanes out and started aquarobics.
I'll possibly go late in the evening, or slightly earlier, but a 20m pool is still a bit small for me.

I'm feeling a bit sick, AGAIN. Throat is feeling sore and irritated, and phelgm is another shade of yellow. Yergh.

The sky is really polluted today, very hazy, so I am looking forward to the typhoon season - it starts tomorrow. Nothing like a typhoon to swing around and vacuum all the gunk out of the atmosphere.

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