Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The arsenal used by nature to purge the planet of the plague now infesting BIOMASS everywhere. The plague is us.

The arsenal is:
- Disease (Superflu's like SARS and others documented cases like, H5N1 in 1997 in Hong Kong, currently emerging in Asia and some like Marburg in Africa)
- Weather systems (Destructive Hurricane seasons, droughts and floods, and other aberrations. An Ice Age can manifest within 15 years. The North Sea shutting down Europe, oceans drowning low lying cities, warming will also aid the migration of disease to new areas)
- Starvation/Life Without Energy (Having become superabundant, we need to be culled to harmonise with the planet's systems and biota once more, and will do so ourselves and Nature will do the rest. Expect casualities of at least 5 billion, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere)

What we can do:
1) Change habits, especially consumption. Less movies, less eating of junk food, use time better (ie commune with nature and friends), and quit destructive addictions.
2) Try to remain healthy. A healthy immune system will be needed, aswell as a healthy body, mind and spirit. Exercise, learn to grow and cook healthy food.
3) Invest in alternative energy, if not in solar pwoer, then bicycles.
4) Learn a useful skill (like engine mechanics, electrical engineering, farming, basic first aid) and invest in a local community (especially in terms of growing food, developing a local power source, including hydroelectricity off adjacent streams or rivers)
5) Local living. Invest(ie live in and contribute) in walkable communities that are not too dense, but are also not sprawled out. Don't buy food or goods from supermarkets and fast food fry pits - they'll soon be extinct.
6) Watch the financial markets carefully if you've got money in stocks, or have family who do. These may soon be wiped out. Invest, possibly in gold, or initially, alternative energy stocks
7) Change your job if you think you should, not out of laziness or default - out of conscience to the new context. Which jobs are insane: McJobs, working for large department stores that outsource goods, working for automakers, doing marketing for fuel companies etc.
8) Go to church or at least cultivate spiritual resolve and determination. We're all going to need it.
9) Gather and diseminate information. The system is changing, so we need to work out how to adapt, and what we can be done
10) Begin to conjure up a new philosophy for the vacuum ahead. Obviously our current philosophy didn't work, and has led us to the brink of calamity.

I'm not numbering this one, because it's implicit: Don't be downhearted, be assertive and do what you can do. Life is tough, but compared to what? This is all there is to do so let's get on with it. All we can do is ride it out and do our best to learn from our mistakes. The future, at the very least, will be closer to nature, closer to each other, with blue skies and many of us working the green fields again. That's a world worth bearing in mind.

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