Friday, May 27, 2005

Hey Hey, It's Friday

Went swimming after 12, and thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found only 2-3 pairs of shoes in the men's changing rooms. Since pairs of shoes represent human beings, I thought I'd find the pool empty. On the steps leading up to the pool I heard an infernal racket, and once I entered the pool area, dismay settled on me like a cloud of flies. The pool was a circus. I counted 15 people in my lane. This is in a 25m pool. This basically means when only about half the number in the lane are all swimming, they virtually fill the lane end to end.

I managed to get in a few lengths of freestyle. When I did a few butterfly everyone in my lane stopped swimming and formed a human gateway through which I passed. All eyes on me. Oh-kay-y-y.

I swam about 20 minutes, sat in the jacuzzi bath for a minute, weighed myself (80.8kg which is close to the heaviest I have ever been, not sure if I have ever been 81kg), and then skedaddled to Hwajeong. It's safe to say I'll never attempt swimming at Madu at 12 on a weekday again. I'll try iot in the morning and see if it's better. If not, I'll go back to Sung Ho Sports Centre.

I'm feeling pretty sleepy since I got up ar 7am (went to bed at midnight). Think I'll have an early night since the dinner plans that I have been holding out for all week have suddenly changed...and miss all the fun so that I can make sure I get a cycle in tomorrow, early. Dang. My pump is still at Corneli. Maybe I'll have to pop around.

This week flashed by even quicker than last week. Must mean I'm starting to enjoy my life here again. Touch wood.

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