Sunday, May 29, 2005

Grocery Store Romance

I didn't cycle to Imjingak today. Feeling tired and...not 100% well. Headaches, slight chills. I am feeling pretty impatient and disappointed at how difficult it has been to get back into a training pattern.

Will rest and try to join the group on their next ride on Tuesday.
I called Lonnie to arrange a swim tomorrow morning at M&M. He says it's not really that busy in the mornings.

Went to Allalie to help her exchange TV's, and then to Carrefour for some groceries. A funny thing happened at the grocery store. Near the fruit section we ran into Elena. I stood around while Corneli and her chatted, and eventually lay on the handle of the trolley because the conversation just never swung to me. A few minutes later, unstairs, we bumped into Chris, and exactly the reverse happened. He and I spoke about a book he was reading (on the origins of the 2nd World War) and he barely said a word to Corneli. I guess it's unwritten Grocery Shopping etiquette. If you're a couple shopping, or have the semblance of a couple, then it is forbidden for a stranger to engage with a member of the opposite sex in conversation.

The sky today is very polluted. I believe there was a half marathon today. I'm sorry I missed it. Lately I'm feeling like I'm not quite in the loop.

Last week, on the spur of the moment, I wrote a song, and emailed it to a friend of mine who has been doing a bit of songwriting and composing lately, and even performed at a bar recently. He liked the song and asked if he could use it. I'ver asked him to record it and send me a .wav or .wmp file so I can hear it. It has a sort of U2/Bono feel to it.

I'm already looking forward to next weekend...

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