Saturday, May 28, 2005

Don't Be Happy, Worry

This morning didn't start off quite as I expected. I'd intended to go cycling wuth Mr Lee and the others at 7am, but I was nowhere near ready, even if they (my tyres)weren't flat.

I just saw a quirky ad on TV for HSBC. It's about knowing about different cultures. Scene, a golf course. In Japan, if you get a hole in one, you have to buy your companions expensive gifts. The western guy (Guyjin) sees the pin, then wisely shifts so his shot is heading for a copse of trees (so it will be impossible to hit a hole in one). With a small smile he takes a swing. The ball bounces off the trees, flies onto thye green and rolls into the pin. Now all his companions are smiling. Nice one.

Today I went to the Cannondale shop and bought a spare tube, saddle bag, tyre levers and all those odds and ends you're gonna need if you have a breakdown or puncture in the middle of nowhere. It's not very good if you have a breakdown and then you ask your cycling buddies to come up with a solutin out of their own stuff.
I usually have relied on CO2 gas to deal with these eventualities, but my gas and the gas nozzle, and all sorts of our equipment was thrown away with my Special Needs bag at the Ironman. I decided to go for a small handpump this time. I'll buy the gas and nozzle at a bike stall at the next race.

I did get an opportunity to meet a MTB pro (or seemed to be) in the store, and they were pretty friendly and interesting. I was grateful that they were able to help me with just about everything, and was surprised to see two black Ironman beautifies hanging on the ceiling between all the other MTB's. One of the bikes had, unusually, 650 inch wheels, which are a lot smaller than a conventional racing bike, and over long distances like the Ironman's 180km, easier to turn. It's impractical for me even to think about, since I have my Zipps, and they wouldn't fit. But you can dream, can't you...

I had lunch at Aroi Aroi, with one of my colleagues. Nice walk in the park afterwards.
Felt quite tired and disorientated today, but felt better after a late afternoon nap. After calling a friend in South Africa I felt even better. Am taking it fairly easily tonight. Will watch Magnum PI and the Aviator, read and try to get an eartly night.

Will hopefully be up early and cycling towards Imjingak if the weather is anywhere near half decent tomorrow.

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