Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Currency Continues to Improve

1 ZAR = 153.443 KRW
1.00 USD = 6.52972 ZAR

Brent oil: $46.87 -1.0

Johannesburg - The South African Petroleum Industry Association (Sapia) saw record first quarter petroleum sales for the first three months of 2005 of 5.733 billion litres, up 3.9% from the same period in 2004,

Sapia said on Thursday the highest quarterly sales of petrol in South Africa were 5.908 billion litres in the third quarter of 2004.

South African sales of petroleum have been growing since 2003 when the country consumed 5.3 billion litres of petrol.

Between 1998 and 2002, sales of petroleum were static between 5.l billion litres and 5.2 billion litres. Sales in 1997 were 4.9 billion litres.

The strongest product growth in the first quarter of 2005 compared with the same quarter of 2004 was diesel and jet fuel, which rose 6.2% and 4.9% respectively, Sapia said.

Petrol sales grew 2.4%.

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