Thursday, May 26, 2005

50, Day 4

Can't believe it's the end of Thursday. I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. I intended to swim, but my upper body was sore from pullups. Will try again tomorrow. I am organising the entries for 2 triathlons, which provides some incentive to get some exercise.

School was interesting. Plenty of eye candy at school, and also other candy in the hands of grubby little fingers. Best avoided.

I was a bit more laid back at school today, and it seems to make a bit more sense to do it since the whole school seems to be a glorified baby sitting insitution, and learning English is purely incidental. It goes against my grain to be so lax, but then I am not going to be The Evil Lord in every class.
In one class there was a little boy wearing a green shirt, and in my best Evil Emperor imitation I said, "I've been looking forward to this, my little green friend."

My lost key did not turn up, but a mother did, with some dakkok...or something...rice cakes. I am still so bloated from the odds and ends I ate today...from bananas to popcorn.
I've just returned from watching Revenge of the Sith in the cinema. An audio-visual feast,but the cinema was only a quarter full.
At the end of the movie the guy next to me clapped. There was a whole bunch of western guys that I'd never seen. I tried to make conversation but each time was interrupted. There's a disproportionate number of westerners here who don't know how to communicate. They either talk you to death, or their eyes glaze over when you say something. I have to admit, my eyes also glaze over when small talk reaches a new low, so perhaps I really belong here too! At least the Koreans appear genuinely interested, even when they can only fathom a fraction of what you're saying. Occasionally of course, there's the odd good western soul who is semi intelligent, and a good listener, but I have yet to meet him.

I called two Korean guys to arrange double dates for my colleagues. The one is busy and the other said I should call him again because he's not sure if he'll be available. Not quite the reaction I expected. I guess sometimes when you do someone a favor unexpectedly it doesn't appear to be one.

I was thinking of mentally setting a goal of doing just 6 months here, and then going back to South Africa when winter hits here, in other words, November. A lot may happen in the interim, but I feel it's an option. I'd like to start up some kind of venture in South Africa, but failing that, how about 6-9 months here, followed by 3-6 months there, year on year until I get my act together. I feel I can't stomach another winter here, or even just a protracted length of time. I need something different again. I do need to phase Korea out completely within the next year or 2. For my own sanity and also just to honor and respect my own talents and dreams.

Now I'm very sleezzzzzz...


Canuck said...

mmmmhhh....good for you.

Canuck said...

Dude, go home. Asia's filled to the brim with blood suckers like u. Let me get this. u live in Korea, don't speak, write or read Korean? and you already judged the place/people? What makes you different from Bush??? You there for the money. his in Iraq for the money...doh! What do you do to make the world a better place? The greatest religion on earth,is at your doorstep. Every great artist knows, the 'highest truth' remains hidden for the person who merely follows his intellect and never learns the bliss of pure being, to which the path of renunciation leads. Your cynicism will make u a slave and you'll never know freedom. Sorry, dude. U had it coming.

Nick said...

Is this a comment/drivel worth responding to? I'm a bloodsucker because I'm working in a foreign country, and I'm like president Bush?
Bush isn't in Iraq for the money - it's to set up a police station to basically secure Middle East Oil for America and the world which is not that dumb, but probably misguided anyway. America didn't go to Iraq and say, "Okay, this oil is ours." Anyway, it's pointless arguing about this stuff with someone who isn't informed about it.
What do I do to make the world a better place? Let's see...this website is meant, in part, to communicate that our world is in some trouble (this intention was mentioned like 1 or 2 pages ago) if communication doesn't count, not a whole lot besides having some intermittent commitments to veganism, living a healthy life and trying to hold myself and others accountable to sustainable living on this planet. But I think making the world a better place also involves caring, about others, about yourself, and the world. Then what calls you to act, is not opportunities to criticise, but inspiration, passion to do something meaningful.
Sorry, what's the greatest religion on earth? Yours probably.
Cynicism is not useful, but I thought I was saying that. (That complaining is a bad sign).
I think having been in Korea for over 3 years, I know better where I belong than I did 3 years earlier. I can actually speak a bit of Korean. My problem with Korea is more about health (Korea has the world's highest stomach cancer rate) and environmental issues than people, but beyond these that doesn't change the reality of making a living.
As for making judgements...your comment appears to be a sort of flash in the man reflex comment. If I had to guess, I'd guess you're one of those not too bright people who reckon they are bright, a 'real' teacher, but really a fake.
I'm sure wherever you are, you'd like to teach people your lessons. There's no higher truth in that.