Tuesday, May 31, 2005

49, Day 2

Urgh. But at least the day is done.

The last time I regularly caught buses to work, was off Brislington Road in Bristol, and sometimes in London 9when it was raining and too dangerous to cycle to Canary Wharf).
Today I wanted 10 minutes longer than usual, which makes me feel like it's time to get a MTB. More bucks, but maybe I can recoup the bus money. Will think about it some more.

Just before I got off the bus I saw a guy on a bike, with a bus in front of him, and meand my bus behind. Just as he turned around to see where my bus was, his bus turned towards the sidewalk and I don't know how he managed not to bang his front wheel against it. As it was, he was forced to come to a dead stop, and wait for the bus to depart. In the cities, cycling is simply suicide because the lanes alongside the sidewalks are bus lanes, and every so often the buses hug the curb. Danger danger.

Going to eat a delicious chicken stir fry, like last night - this time with some Steer spices.
Will watch National treasure after, and try to sleep early and get some rest.

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