Saturday, April 16, 2005


Signed the pre-Training agreement at CDI yesterday. This means I start on the intensive course on Monday, which will involve making a 1.5 hour commute to and from Seoul every day for over a week.

Good news is CDI are opening a new branch in Ilsan, only 20 minutes away by subway, which means I'll be able to get an apartment behind Carrefour that has a stunning view over the park.

The possible job in Ilsan only starts in June, so if I will have to keep eyes peeled for stuff to do, but otherwise will just get into training gear, as the triathlon season here in in full swing by the end of May, beginning of June.
Saw Eric at Starbucks and had a long chat to him. He says Kang's has just gotten worse and worse to work at, amongst other details that I won't mention here.

Had dinner at TGI's, Quesadillas.
Actually felt like an early night but turned out to be a 4am night.

There were probably about 30 foreigners at Don't Go last night, which is a huge amount in one place, in Korea. Usually you see one scurrying into a backalley here, and another one getting out of a taxi there. This is why once you go back to your own country, you just look at everyone, and there is so much variety, in terms of hair color, eye color, complexion, and everyone speaks English.

Coming back on the subway yesterday I was the only foreigner in my carriage. I was about to say on the entire train, which I guess is sometimes true, but I did notice a foreign guy with blonde hair on the carriage for a few stops.

A little girl couldn't contain her enthusiasm at seeing a Meegoogin (American), so I asked her a few questions, but quit after it turned into an interrogation.

She later tried to get my attention and once I looked at her she asked, "Can you get me the newspaper please." A lot of the grownups and older people were visibly impressed by this little girls ability - obviously beyond their own. I guess things are slowly changing in this old new country.

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