Thursday, April 28, 2005

Useful Information?

Although I seem to be feeling better, I asked Corneli to look at my throat with a torch and she was horrified. I thought she was over-reacting so I did the same, and saw that my klein-tongetjie was discolored and disgusting.
We immediately went downstairs and caught a taxi to the doctor. I ended up running up and downstairs, having no clue where the surgery was - eventually an Oriental Medicene doctor pointed to the 4th floor.

The doctor said there was nothing to worry about, and swabbed the wobbly piece of flesh (what's it called?) with some black looking ointment. I explained that there was some pretty nasty inflamation lower down in my throat as well. He said, 'Don't worry'.

He said the visit was free, and asked whether I could recommend anywhere to study English in a fun environment. I wrote down a number for him and offered one or two other suggestions.
He also gave me some of his own Tylenols.

I've just called SAA and learned that a one way ticket back to South Africa will be about W800 000 (R4000) and a 3 month return ticket, about a third more, around R6000.

Nice to know. Now I need to get some dinner.

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