Sunday, April 24, 2005

Up and Running?

I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday. Gone is the woollen head, fever is mostly gone too. Throat is still a bit sensitive, and I still have a nagging cough.

When I emerged from the building today the sky was sunnier and warmer, and I immediately saw a father and a daughter on rollerblades, and I got that spring energy feeling. I want to organise a hike. I'd like to finalise work this week or next, and then do a small trip somewhere.

I'd like to get back to training too - the triathlon season is not far away now. Maybe I'll start off with a few swims and then get into the running again.

I watched a reality show this morning called The Biggest Loser, about people losing weight. I want to set a goal of losing 0.5kg a week, until I get down to about 72kg.

I also want to work on a Children's Book this year, get passionate about that and produce something tangible.

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