Monday, April 18, 2005

To Seoul and Back

Yip, I left at about 10:15am and only got in now, around 8:15pm. Long day. I did have a really long lunch from about 4pm to 6pm. It was interesting, as one of the Koreans is from Kenya, and another Korean has lived in New York until recently, and we had a lively conversation. The makeup of the teachers is mostly Kyopos (Korean/Americans), with about 20% being native speakers. 1 Korean girl is from the Netherlands, but I am the only antipodean.

I am having slight second thoughts about the job, as today was pretty intense and obviously I'll be working harder too, but I guess it's worth it if management will be commensurately professional, and there are opportunities to advance.
This week is gonna be tough as I am getting more and more sick, and the workload is increasing, and the 4 hour commute (in total)is not fun. Today I stood for most of the time on the subway ride back, and my target dude (I stood in front of him waiting for him to leave his seat) was one of the guys who stayed sitting the longest. If I had picked ANYONE else I would have had a bit more time off my tired legs.

Need to sleep but first study a little. Test tomorrow. Need to get healthy quick. Feel like I have a chimney in my throat. Just feels dry and smokey.

There's an interesting article on the New York Times. I wonder whether I need to pay particular heed?

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