Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stand By Me

I went to Itaewon on Saturday night. Unusually, we took the train there, instead of the subway. The nice thing was that we were above ground all the way, and Seoul Station has been totally revamped, probably because the superfast KTX is now there, and the Station needs to be zippy to promote the new train. Ave and I had a long chat about global poverty, and relief. He wants to start up a company in the States that develops renewable energy.

Gecko's was really full. Food was alright, but it was a bit uncomfortable for me. I did the gentlemanly thing and fetch chairs for each new person arriving, with the result that ultimately there were no more chairs, and I ended up standing by the table for most of the evening. Not much fun.

Today I just watched TV, Jerry Maguire was on (one of my favorite movies ever), played computer games and didn't do virtually anything I meant to do today. Was supposed to meet a friend in Seoul, and also meant to run. Think I am just recharging and having a very dull day, so that getting out tomorrow and starting training is going to seem fun and interesting by contrast. Living in Korea is a rollercoaster ride. I think I'm about to get to the very beginning of the twirly whirly part of the ride now...or is that merely wishful thinking?

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