Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Some Things Change

This morning I was awake before the alarm went off at 6:30am. I had odd dreams that I was trying to sell my less than perfect Ford Escort. I think the theme of the dream was fear, and stress, where you seek a certain result that cannot be guarantee.

I was a corpse this morning, and it crossed my mind to email the school and excuise myself from the course, and then restart it next week.
But I didn't want to repeat a single day already done. My biggest concern was that my voice was extremely hoarse, I was The Hoarse Whisperer, and we have to do DEMOS in class, and obviously if you are just squeaking, that's not going to work. I just kicked myself out of bed anyway and as it ruend out, as the monring wore on, the hoarseness wore off.

The test though was really convoluted, extremely not straightfoward, and only 15 minutes, so I found it not very easy. I'm not sure how many people found it easy. We need 80% to pass, and if we fail, we get one more chance next week.
Problem is, I am not sure to what extent you can study it. I think, grammar for example, especially when you theorise about it in a very indirect way, it's not very easy. If you're talking about gerunds and passed participles and what their patterns are, it's very hard to know if you can't quickly forumlate and compare examples.

Some of us, including me, arrived a little late for the next session, due to sandwiches that we ordered taking forever. In the end we guzzled them in about 3 minutes, and left a small duststorm in our wake to get back to class. I got back first, about 1-2 minutes late.

The volume of material is HUGE, and it makes me wonder if the extra pay is worth it as we work extra EXTRA hard. My reasoning is that I want to move forward, and upward, and grow, and the financial side is very important too. Convenience is important, but not when that translates to laziness.

I'm happy to hear that despite the requirement of working 1 weekend day a month, we can also take time off after every 9 months, which means I will be able to do the SA Ironman next year, which would not have worked had I signed the traditional 12 month contract at any other school.
Another bummer is I may have to run around between 2 schools, but that might be more interesting, and I will probably get to know a much larger community of teachers that way. The toughest thing though, is whether to commit key money now (a deposit of about R25 000) towards an apartment here, and then I hear later that they want me to work in Mokpo or somewhere MOER anderkant - far away. I need to get a place soon as the buildings have just been finished and units are being snapped up.

Lance is doing the Tour, Tyler is banned, and a New Pope is on the vote. Some things don't change. Tyler says his blood showed evidence of another person's blood (evidence of doping) because when he was in utero he had a twin that ultimately died. Interesting theory, possible, but doubtful. If true, tragic for Tyler. Will Lance win the Tour a 7th time? Will some things change...?

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