Friday, April 15, 2005


What is Honeycomb:
it is a Pentagon of cells, each highly specialised, each very small scale, each expertly customised (populated by experts or outsourced to professionals in their respective fields)to match client profiles and meet client needs:

The Honeycom Pentagon refers to (but is not limited to):
1) Human Filter - administration, sorting through databases, separating spam from valuable information, finding valuable data, removing extraneous/garbage data from resources
2) Idea Engine - for entrepreneurs, creatives, ad agency people, who have run out of ideas - Brainstorm sessions for fresh starts, new faces with no hidden agendas.
3) Vevoom - Health Delivered To Your Home
4) Everest - supertrainer/home School - motivates and empowers (athletics and academics)
5) Switch - Time Bank - agency for time starved clients, particularly focussed on single mothers, CEO's and Final Year students during examaniations.

These Units are also co-related and inter-related to maximise efficiency.
All are service industries specialising in finding competitive efficiencies for clients seeking:
- filtering and finding useful and actionable data (for employers and employees, accountants, editors, researchers etc)
- strategic and creative motivation and inspiration
- healthy nutrition
- effective attention rich schooling and coaching
- time resource solutions

The challenge is recruiting and maintaining an extremely talented, gifted staff of competent people able to work in teams and independently to maximise their effectiveness.

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