Saturday, April 30, 2005

Feeling lightheaded still, but somewhat better. I'm signing the contract tomorrow. I wish there was a very compelling reason to be back in South Africa, but there isn't. Not looking forward to a whole year here, but will make the most of it, and stick to the original plan which is get on The Road To A Home. Will try to focus this website more on that area too, and less on ruminations.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Nick,

First of all, your blog is outstanding! So much information! I'm not sure if you still watch your blog, but I'd like to know if you decided to work with CDI back then. I'm interested in trainees who either didn't complete the CDI training or failed the training. Would you happen to know anybody who fits those 2 descriptions? I've read somewhere on the web that somebody is gathering people to make a possible class action against CDI because of their experiences with them. Write me back at my blog if you happen to read this comment at

Hope to hear from you!