Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Week 8 Day 3

No training but lots of packing.

Spent pre-Christmas Eve with Corneli. Lugged some heavy stuff to a taxi and then up the elevator and to her apartment. One of things I had was a cyclinder filled with coins. It weighed a ton! Once inside we counted the coins and they added up to more than R100 000! That's about R500 in coins.

She cooked an excellent dinner, and then we exchanged gifts. She gave me a beanie, a really cool key holder, socks and other little things that were special nevertheless. I gave her a friendship ring, some lip balm, and some Body Shop stuff. I'm glad I had a chance to spend time with her, and give her a card that really laid down my appreciation for all that this girl does for me. She's providing storage for a lot of my stuff too, which helps me a lot.

Whenever I am at her place I watch Jay, and Dustin Hoffman was on, to promote Meet The Fokkers.
I hope that's going to be showing on the plane. Posted by Hello

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