Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Week 8 Day 2

Swim: 41 minutes
Distance: 2.05km

0.5km: 07:53
1km: 16:13
2km: 37:26

250m - 3:29
250m - 3:26

Weight: 79.2kg
I had a Kraze burger just before coming to swim. It really was crazy - W12000 for a burger and fries. I was starving and had just dropped off my TREK at Corneli's apartment, and needed to eat quickly before going back to school.

My right leg hurt a lot today. I don't mean my foot, I mean high up in the muscle. Today I was at that point where you are about to limp. Maybe I slept on the muscle or, when I was the floor unscrewing the handlebars, I twisted it slightly. Crazy!

Eun Ji greeted me while I was walking to the pool's reception area. When I left, I gave her friend this website address to give to her. She probably won't be able to understand anything, but the pictures may give her some idea what it's about.

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