Thursday, December 30, 2004


On my last day in Korea, the 24th, I went for an awesome ski again with Pete, this time at Yongpyong. The rush back, and to the airport though was really stressful. We left plenty of time but traffic on Christmas eve was just horrendous, and I made it to the airport with 40 minutes to spare. Got a few thousand grey hairs after that experience.

I wish I could post pictures because I have so many awesome and bright pictures. I feel a bit out of whack because in a matter of hours I have been in extremely different locations. Korea, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Cape Town. And I am so on the move it has taken a few days for the news of that megaquake to reach me. If I was in Korea I would more than likely have heard about it within seconds to an hour of it happening.

I had a great Christmas with Alex. Played tabletennis and pool with a lot of new people, ate until I couldn't eat anymore.
I went to church the next day after a tough cycle. I realise how much I've changed after being in church again.

There's some interesting news from various areas. Sharon Heath's fiance broke up with her within weeks of her wedding, so she's not feeling too great. And so on and so forth.

But it's also good to be away from the computer. I am already quite brown, and loving the food. I am just eating lots of fruit and meat and all the eg (genuine) South Afriacan stuff.

In Gordon's Bay I bought R70 worth of biltong, including Kudu. Delicious.
It's been amazing seeing how much Allan's kid's have grown up, and Alex and Janet's kids I haven't even met before and they are really adorable girls. In the short time I staye with Alex Jocelyn became quite fond of me.

I lost my airticket when I arrived in Johannesburg, and also had to leave almost all my luggage behind at Incheon since the allowance is only 27kg and just my bike and box came to 27kg. But I bought some billabong sandles for R40 and a bag and some shorts and for now that's all I need.

I did try to connect to net earlier, using Allan's cellphone, but it cost me about R50 for 5 minutes (W10 000 for 5 minutes).
This internet cafe (where I am now) is 37km away from the camping sight where we're staying, so I might be out of touch again for a while.

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